Mark Swafford (mswafford) wrote in nashvillegamers,
Mark Swafford

Connooga-Munchkin Tournament (February 22-24, 2008)

After conferring with Rev Bob (our resident Steve Jackson MIB) at the Harry Potter release thingy at Books-A-Million Friday night, we have come with our solution for the Munchkin Tournament.

First Round-Six tables of six players will play against each other with a randomly determined Munchkin set. It could be Bites, Super, Fu, Impossible, or even Cthulhu. The winners from those individual tables will go on to the...

Second Round- where the basic Munchkin set (and all of it's expansions-maybe even Blender!) will be utilized. The winner of this round will be Connooga's First Uber-Munchkin Champion where he/she can gloat, point at his/her inferiors and laugh maniacally.

Prizes to be determined as we get closer to convention time.

So...sit back, relax, and get ready to Stab your buddy in the back.

Get it on!!!


Connooga takes no responsibility for death, maiming, mutilations, gout, break-ups, divorces, hangnails, or any mental breakdowns that may occur because of our tournament. Thank you and have a pleasant day.
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